Friday, March 2, 2012

Appreciate My Smart Girlfriends.

Assalamualaikum! Good evening everyone,
Already so long I didn't write anything about my life nowadays. Since December 2011 maybe? All right, this is my first post for this year. It's already march baby! Tomorrow is my first test, I afraid with my Mathematics paper. Oh my god, please help me to answer the question for this Wednesday. I don't know, how to get an A for my Maths. For me when I trying to answer the question suddenly my mind like a damn! It's hard. Okay okay just forget about maths for a while.

Last year I got number 1 in my class for Final Examination. How I know my result? Yeah I'm using SAPS to check my result. Actually I didn't expected that I can get number 1 in classes. Oh I'm glad and very thankful. My parents are so proud of me maybe. Hihi But I know this is just the beginning. My PMR only a few months from now to go. So I had an determination to achieve a great result to show my parents. I want to make my parents proud of me again.

Now I in A class for this year, without my best friend ~ Nisa, Annisa, Nadia and Sabrina, maybe I could not be able to enter this class. Thanks friends, I appreciate your sacrifices guys. You know? They willing to discharge their money to call me using school public phone to force me come to school to faced science paper although I had a fever that day. Oh I love you girlfriend *touching jap* Hehehe. Till next post, bye.